Friday, March 11, 2011

FreeBSD ports can make with the parameters in the

Has always been we do not know the make in the ports can also have a lot of features, and today I can with the parameters listed one by one. As well as in a record, it is quite useful yo.

fetch - RetrIEves $ (DISTFILES) (and $ (PATCHFILES) if defined) into $ (DISTDIR) as necessary.
fetch-list - Show list of files that would be retrieved by fetch.
fetch-recursive - Retrieves $ (DISTFILES) (and $ (PATCHFILES) if defined), for port and dependencies into $ (DISTDIR) as necessary.
fetch-recursive-list - Show list of files that would be retrieved by fetch-recursive.
fetch-required-list - Show list of files that would be retrieved by fetch-required.
fetch-required - Retrieves $ (DISTFILES) (and $ (PATCHFILES) if defined), for port and dependencies that are not already installed into $ (DISTDIR).
all-depends-list - Show all Directories which are dependencies for this port.
build-depends-list - Show all directories which are build-dependencies for this port.
package-depends-list - Show all directories which are package-dependencies for this port.
run-depends-list - Show all directories which are run-dependencies for this port. extract - Unpacks $ (DISTFILES) into $ (WRKDIR).
patch - Apply any provided patches to the source.
configure - Runs either GNU configure, one or more local configure scripts or nothing, depending on what''s available.
build - Actually compile the sources.
install - Install the results of a build.
reinstall - Install the results of a build, ignoring "already installed" flag.
deinstall - Remove the installation.
deinstall-all - Remove all installations with the same PKGORIGIN. package - Create a package from an _installed_ port.
package-recursive - Create a package for a port and _all_ of its dependancies.
describe - Try to generate a one-line description for each port for use in INDEX files and the like.
checkpatch - Do a "patch -C" instead of a "patch". Note that it may give incorrect results if multiple patches deal with the same file.
checksum - Use distinfo to ensure that your distfiles are valid.
checksum-recursive - Run checksum in this port and all dependencies.
makesum - Generate distinfo (only do this for your own ports!).
clean - Remove ${WRKDIR} and other temporary files used for building.
clean-depends - Do a "make clean" for all dependencies.
config - Configure options for this port (using ${DIALOG}). Automatically run prior to extract, patch, configure, build, install, and package.
showconfig - Display options config for this port
rmconfig - Remove the options config for this port

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ShotGraph ordinary principles of drawing

ShotGraph ordinary principles of drawing

ShotGraph in the following environments:

Visual Basic


Visual Basic for applications (VBA), Word, Excel, etc.

Active Server Pages (ASP) engine with Internet Information Server

Perl for Windows


ShotGraph size = 3> COOL code:

href = ""> upload file

href = ""> counter

href = ""> art GIF animation graphics

href = ""> painting graphics

Let's first take a simple:

Step by step

First, the establishment of an object "shotgraph.image".

Use href = ""> CreateImage

Use href = ""
?> SetColor method to define one or multiple colors of paint to use.

Clear the area you plan all the content, if necessary, using the href = ""> FillRect
Generally felt that way.

Effective way to use drawing.

Use href = ""> GifImage
Function. Your picture is complete!

The following is a simple example how to use shotgraph drawing.

The size of the image is 201x201.

VBScript code:

set obj = CreateObject ("shotgraph.image")

size = 201
''Calling the CreateImage method
obj.CreateImage size, size, 4

''Set 4 colors for drawing
obj.SetColor 0,255,255,255
obj.SetColor 1,0,0,0
obj.SetColor 2,255,108,0
obj.SetColor 3,0,0,204

''Crearing the painting area with color 0
obj.SetBgColor 0
obj.FillRect 0,0, size-1, size-1

''Color 0 will be used for drawing
obj.SetDrawColor 1
''Drawing the line
obj.Line size-1, 0,0, size-1
''Color 2 will be used for filling
obj.SetBgColor 2
''Draw the big circle
obj.Ellipse 5,5, size-6, size-6
''Color 2 will be used for filling
obj.SetBgColor 3
''Draw the small circle
obj.Ellipse 5, (size-5) / 4, size / 2, (size-5) * 3 / 4

''Create the image file named test.gif
obj.GifImage 0,1, "test.gif"


Here is the ASP and PERL code:

$ Obj = CreateObject ("shotgraph.image")

$ Size = 201
$ Obj-> CreateImage ($ size, $ size, 4)
$ Obj-> SetColor (0,255,255,255)
$ Obj-> SetColor (1,0,0,0)
$ Obj-> SetColor (2,255,108,0)
$ Obj-> SetColor (3,0,0,204)
$ Obj-> SetBgColor (0)
$ Obj-> FillRect (0,0, $ size-1, $ size-1)

$ Obj-> SetDrawColor (1)
$ Obj-> Line ($ size-1, 0,0, $ size-1)
$ Obj-> SetBgColor (2)
$ Obj-> Ellipse (5,5, $ size-6, $ size-6)
$ Obj-> SetBgColor (3)
$ Obj-> Ellipse (5, ($ size-5) / 4, $ size / 2, ($ size-5) * 3 / 4)

$ Obj-> GifImage (0,1, "test.gif")

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Describes the properties of the problem MIDP

This article aims to explain the properties in question MIDP, mainly related to the jad and MANIFEST.MF files of some of the concepts. In fact many people did not know the details in this regard. So you should carefully read this article.

MIDP applications are usually based. Jar files and. Jad files released. jar file is what we call the jar package, jad file's full name is the java application descriptor. In the jad file contains the Application Management Software to manage MIDlets in the life cycle of information, of course, include many important properties. They are in pairs for example: MIDlet-Name: myjava. You can call getAppProperty ("MIDlet-Name") to get the String type of myjava, which is very handy if you want your MIDlet to the network then you can define a name for the SERVER_URL, define the value of it http://yourip:port/myservlet, so if you want to connect to other addresses, then only need to modify the jad file, and do not need to recompile. Therefore, we must be aware that some of the jad file MIDlet initialization which needs to place value is more desirable.

In the jar package which includes a directory META-INFO files inside a MANIFEST.MF. It is used to describe the JAR file also contains some other information, you may find, in the MANIFEST.MF and the JAD file, some of the values are the same. Then there is a rule which, AMS how to determine which value to read it? The answer is this.

If the MIDlets in the jar package is signed, then the AMS to go look at its digital signature, if it is effective then it will begin to read the contents of MANIFEST.MF, and then read the jad file the same content, so if the match would It will install the jar package, if you do not match, then it will refuse to install. If he found that the digital signature is invalid, then it will refuse to install directly.
If MDIlets the jar package is unsigned, then put it considers non-trust AMS, and he went to read the jad file attributes, if found not to read the MANIFEST, then it's content, which means that if both jad and MANIFEST AMS only to read the attributes in jad.

Following this logic appears to be more clear:
given: String key / / attribute name
return: String value
throws: NullPointerException if key is null

if trusted
String v0 = lookup key in manifest
String v1 = lookup key in descriptor

if (v0! = null & & v1! = null)
/ / Found in both; must be the same value
assert (v0.compareTo (v1) == 0);

value = (v1! = null)? v1: v0;
else / / untrusted
value = lookup key in descriptor

if value == null
value = lookup key in manifest

return value

The following outlines some important MIDP2.0 defined the parameters defined in MIDP2.0 18 value. Which in the MANIFEST.MF and the jad in the six must be defined, they are:
As the inside of a MIDlet suite can have multiple MIDlet, so you have to explain them such as MIDlet-1, MIDlet-2 ..... MIDlet-n, it is very important, in the deployment jar and jad files to the phone when must ensure that the correct MIDlet-Name, its value is the name of your jar package! Otherwise does not install successfully. There are two values is the jad file, they allowed some MIDlet-Jar-URL,
MIDlet-Jar-Size One should note that the MIDlet-Jar-URL, if you wanted to download via OTA, then you must not let him point to the absolute address of your jar package, such as http://myip:port/app/myapp. jar.

On more than one MIDlet suite MIDlet inside the case I wrote a simple code to test it, so if you have questions about what you can run the following procedure:
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;

public class MIDlet1 extends MIDlet

private Display display;

protected void startApp () throws MIDletStateChangeException

display = Display.getDisplay (this);
display.setCurrent (new Form ("1"));

protected void pauseApp ()

protected void destroyApp (boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException

import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;

public class MIDlet2 extends MIDlet

private Display display;

protected void startApp () throws MIDletStateChangeException
display = Display.getDisplay (this);
display.setCurrent (new Form ("2"));

protected void pauseApp ()


protected void destroyApp (boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException

import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException;

public class MIDlet3 extends MIDlet

private Display display;

protected void startApp () throws MIDletStateChangeException
display = Display.getDisplay (this);
display.setCurrent (new Form ("3"));

protected void pauseApp ()

protected void destroyApp (boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException

JAD file as follows:
MIDlet-3: MIDlet3,, MIDlet3
MIDlet-2: MIDlet1,, MIDlet1
MIDlet-1: MIDlet2,, MIDlet2
MIDlet-Jar-URL: MIDlets.jar
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
MIDlet-Version: 1.0.0
MIDlet-Name: MIDlets
MIDlet-Vendor: Midlet Suite Vendor
MicroEdition-Profile MIDP-1.0

The above three. Java files are packaged into MIDlets.jar file, then double-click. Jad file. Program can be run up, I wtk2.1 run without any problems!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Acer executives boasted that Dell no longer pose a threat to Acer

September 28, according to foreign media reports, Acer executives in Europe, said recently that Dell no longer pose a threat to the Acer. On the contrary, a threat to Dell Acer Daoshi.

Acer UK manager SemmyLevit a recent interview, said: "Dell is no longer a threat, on the contrary, Acer will be a threat to Dell."

Levit also admitted: "Dell is a big business, past performance is not bad. However, Dell now in jeopardy, and Acer will seize this opportunity to increase market share."

Meanwhile, European marketing director GianpieroMorbello Acer said: "We are winning market share, while Dell's share in the loss. For us, Dell is no longer a threat."

Acer announced the end of August to 710 million U.S. dollars acquisition of third largest U.S. PC maker Gateway. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of this year, when Acer will surpass Lenovo as the world's third-largest PC maker.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

SATA disk drives imperfection

Today, high-capacity series of ATA (SATA) disk drive storage system as a lot of mainstream products, almost all companies have the ability to deploy millions of these mega-capacity storage systems, and the price is reasonable. However, these systems reveal the existence of the SATA disk drive of a special, clear enough: SATA disk drives require companies to carefully control the deployment of storage systems environment.

High-capacity storage systems expose the SATA disk drive, there is a small flaw is its bit error rate problems. Bit error rate is very low, approximately 100 trillion bits error occurred only once. However, if the SATA drive to a specific bit error occurs, the storage system commonly used to protect data against loss of RAID technology can not detect the error.

While for small systems, it is usually not a problem, but as the ever-increasing storage capacity, the issues become more prominent. 10TB of capacity over the system, the specific data bit error probability of the lot. Capacity of more than 100TB system, its error is almost inevitable.

So the question into: a data bit can not be read correctly the results really affect you? Usually, this has not affected unless these systems to store duplicate data after deletion of data (data deduplication technology is the the fastest growing areas of data storage, a technology). If the data are data de-duplication operation, then read the correct bit for each data storage system is very important. Even if only just a bit can not read can lead to multiple files can not be read, as they may have to rely on a particular data bit to complete the reconstruction of the file.

High-capacity SATA-based storage system to solve many of the company's archiving and backup problems. However, existing data problem for SATA but would weaken their strengths, so use the SATA drives to store large amount of duplication of data is not in any case are the best, companies should make identification based on real situations.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Incesoft AnySMS

The current PDA PHONE SIM cards are simultaneously and the machine contacts the two sets of phone book data, these two data processing methods are mainly used in two ways:
1, the user can not directly use the SIM card, SIM card only to all the data into the native address book. (PPC2002 PHONE EDITION mode)
2, SIM card management and the independent local contacts, you can use these two applications were completed calls and other functions.
Thinking win "SIM Manager" software is to make it easier for users to use phone features, to make up for PPC2002 PHONE EDITION in the SIM card management deficiencies.
Operating environment
The software running the operating system is Pocket PC 2002 PHONE EDITION.
? Read SIM card data can correctly identify the Chinese.
? Do not take up too much system resources, resources include CPU resources and memory resources.
? Reserved interface, you can call the MMS application, send multimedia messages.
AnySMS --- For Mail

Current status and send and receive corporate e-mail questions:

1. In our country, e-mail systems have become an important 鍐呴儴 external communication intuitive way, but with the growing demand for enterprise mobile office to increase, traditional to rely on the company internal Wangluo send and receive mail with the time and place Xianzhi Hentai. But users on the road, the car, the airport, there are many important messages no way to access, there is no way to send messages to other people. Can we achieve at any time, any place send and receive your email?
2. The current laptop or handheld wireless internet access and very high cost, what kind of programs can be low-cost solution to these problems?
3. We are using a Microsoft Exchange / Lotus Domino mail system, we can have low-cost mobile solution?
4. The Internet can send mail to reach some notification system, but can not see the body, nor can use SMS reply, forward the message, what program can solve these problems?

Thinking win solutions:

Mobile phone short message service currently has more and more acceptable for business users. Enterprises in order to further the company's operational efficiency and effective cost reduction, e-mail messaging system is undoubtedly a very good option.
Based on this background to fully understand the huge market, combined with winning ideas for several well-known software enterprises to provide a variety of mobile wireless solutions for the wealth of experience, winning Best Software is launching a pioneering based on Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes e-mail SMS Interactive System ----" AnySMS ": a cell phone, mobile communications networks within the enterprise mail system with the link, you need Internet, phone can not receive emails anytime, anywhere via mobile phone, replying to messages, save your traditional can not be easily accepted in the open under a return e-mail trouble.

System Features:

1. Enterprise system management module can be very convenient to control the cost of text messages, does not make everyone have permission to forward mail as SMS

2. Have permission to use e-mail messages users are free to set up mail rules to determine their own need to forward those messages into text messages.

3. User configured e-mail rules, when a message to the user will first see the message headers, message body to decide whether to look at

4. The user would like to see the body, the system will be distributed to the body of the user

5. Users can reply, the system will automatically convert messages back and issued to the sender

6. Users can generate a new mobile phone messages, e-mail directly to the content sent to the recipient's mailbox

7. The system of investment is small, practical, easy to use, notify the arrival rate, the advantages of cheaper rates

8. Fully supports all mobile phone models can send and receive text messages

9. Fully support the current mainstream Microsoft Exchange / Lotus Domino two main e-mail Office

10. Enterprises fully autonomous control, the system safe, convenient two-way interaction, greatly enhance the enterprise mobile workforce productivity.

AnySMS --- For Enterprise Application

The current status of various enterprise applications and issues:

1. The user has a database of customer information, can be based on the company's customer information database, targeted for a specific customer groups, such as customers of different age groups, gender customer base, customer base buying habits, the amount of customer spending groups make different promotions, and has a very low-cost way to send information to customers?

2. Fast, accurate access to sales terminals sales / inventory / orders and other critical data is essential for enterprises, and whether there are more than notebooks, PDAs, more economical and efficient solution?

3. Customer service engineers often do not receive the message delay in service, there is no faster way of services?

4. Business service commitments of their products are often based on the warranty card, very few consumers are willing to fill out and return the business, mainly due to fill out too much information, how to solve this problem and enhance the company's service efficiency?

5. Notice how quickly the financial claims issued to employees? Arrival list, shipping list notice how fast?

6. Logistics team, can efficiently locate, quickly check the state of goods?

Thinking win solutions:

Practical for large enterprise applications, introduced the series to win Best Enterprise SMS solutions for businesses of different applications to low-cost messaging programs, and efficient solution to practical problems of enterprises.

1 SMS promotions and market research. By text message for customers to participate in the appropriate market promotion, SMS sweepstakes, SMS integration enrich customer information databases, and enterprise product promotions according to different time, all locations, different customers, targeted to specific customer groups, so different promotional tools to promote better market results.

2 way text messages released by the corresponding survey companies, customer feedback via text messages, more efficient than traditional methods, lower costs

3 wins Best sales automation can help companies quickly and accurately obtain customer and channel sales / inventory / order other key data, and generate a strong background in enterprise business intelligence analysis report

4 wins short message system can connect thought the mainstream of current call center system, quick service resources to inform, configuration, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

5 pinpoint the location of the logistics team, quickly access the specific delivery of cargo space corresponding information

6 customers using SMS to complete the warranty card registration, simple, convenient and easy.

7 Incesoft provides data conversion capabilities, can easily be property, inventory information in the form of a text message sent, greatly improving the efficiency of internal office

AnySMS --- Deliver

The current status of various enterprise applications and issues:

How to quickly publish a notification of the meeting? How do staff do not have laptops, is not convenient quick release information to receive a fax?

2 has no low-cost, effective means of customer communication?

Three there fast, personalized clients management methods?

Thinking win solutions:

Incesoft launched internal network Short Message module efficiency, low-cost solution to customers of the problem and outside the enterprise has a wide range of commercial applications.
Internal Applications:

1. Information Broadcasting: if the meeting, activities, information such as a one-time notification of all employees to have cell phones or certain specific personnel (eg managers, sector) broadcasting, and management through the log file for future reference;

2. Emergency calls: telephone communication in an emergency situation is not convenient, using this system is an economical and efficient way of communication;

3. Important information sharing: If News, public information, and other public release of information, internal;

4. A rich cultural life: culture, entertainment information, training information;

Enterprises and institutions external applications:

1. Information Broadcasting: company, product introduction, market activity notification, promotional information, notification fees;

2. Outstanding service: customer visits, product maintenance information, a simple training;

3. SMS advertising: advertising via SMS messages can guarantee the arrival rate, saving the cost of traditional advertising;

4. SMS marketing: changing the traditional phone sales as SMS marketing can significantly reduce the cost of sales;

5. Market Research: publishing market research information via SMS and collect feedback;

6. VIP regular services: for VIP customers will often publish information on non-customers a more generalized feeling different;

7. Holidays congratulations: through text messages to congratulate the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival is becoming a fashion;


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Explosion Flash to Mobile

Explosion Flash to Mobile is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines Flash to Mobile Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

Explosion Flash to Mobile easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.